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Writing Courses

So, what’s your story? And how do you want to tell it? Writing is more than being able to put together sentences that make sense, and more than writing beautiful descriptive prose. Your writing needs to make the characters come alive on the page, and they need to be tested and challenged as the story unfolds. I can teach you to write, but are you also a storyteller? One way to find out is to take one of my courses.

Creative Writing

Through the Barricades: Writing your way to freedom

Whether you are writing a novel or flash fiction, you need believable characters, a compelling plot, twists and turning points, and you need a beginning, middle and end. This course will equip you with the tools and techniques you need to write a story that grabs the reader’s attention.

Hollywood Nights: Introduction to scriptwriting

I would be prepared to bet that many of you dream of writing the screenplay that all Hollywood producers have been waiting for. But have you considered writing plays for radio or stage? Dialogue is the one thing you need to write really well if you plan to write scripts. And as with novels or short stories, you need strong characters who leap off the page. This course will put the tools and knowledge to accomplish that in your hands. I can’t promise you an Oscar, but I can put your on the path to get there.
[curriculum to follow]

Other courses

Ain’t Nobody’s Business: Arts entrepreneurship course

As an Artstrepreneur, how do you manage the business side of your art? This course is designed to help you do that, from marketing and promotions through financial management to balancing your creative output and your business admin.
Whether you’re a performing artist (musician, dancer, actor, comedian) or a fine arts practitioner, your art is how you make a living. Your art is your business. Click here for the curriculm.

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