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Welcome to my cyber world. Here, along with links to my professional writing services, and to my online writing courses, I toy with ideas and give free rein to my curiosity. In that sense, this is also my playground.

I write because I love the creative process, because I’m curious about what happens next, and because writing teaches me about myself. More than that, writing informs and defines how I relate to the world. Playing with words, with ideas, allows me to explore alternate ways of being human, of being alive. But, because it happens within the safety of a cyber page, my playing does little, if any, damage. Some of my playing ends up as finished stories, and hopefully some of it inspires you to indulge your own creative passions.

Writing is more than a business to me. It’s a passion. Words, and how they are used, matter to me. More important than just words, is how they are punctuated. Punctuation can change the meaning words to their polar opposite. In the example below, I’ll use the the same words, in the same sequence, and completely change the meaning by changing the punctuation.

A woman without her man is nothing. Punctuated differently, it becomes: A woman. Without her, man is nothing.

Getting it right is a compulsion. And when you have passionate compulsions, or compulsive passions, they’re at risk of  becoming obsessions, which is scary. Hence the need for my playground – an environment where I can play passionately, and indulge in compulsions without fear of taking myself, or the world, too seriously.

Writing requires that I see the world through fresh eyes, and who sees the world through fresher eyes than a child discovering it for the first time? What I hope to achieve by inviting you to my playground is that you too will again see and explore the world with the wonderment of a child. Come as often as you can and stay as long as you like. Perhaps you’ll find something different, or see the mundane through fresh eyes.

Mind burps

Here is where you’ll find smatterings of the off-beat and the quirky, and perhaps the occasional philosophical musing. This is where I play with words, with ideas, where I challenge myself to make sense of the ridiculous, and ridicule the senseless.

My Bookcase

This is where you’ll find samples of my work, ranging from books I’ve written or edited, to magazine articles and music or theatre reviews.

Writing courses

Join me on a journey of discovery through one of the creative courses offered. It’s a journey of refining who you are as a creative spirit, of finding hidden depths to your talent, of exploring alternate views of your world. Courses from which you can choose are:

Arts Entrepreneurship, Scriptwriting, Creative writing and Business writing.

Writing services

Is your writing clear, concise and focussed? Or is it mixed to muddled, with the message lost in the media? Let me help you get back on the page with my professional writing services. These include:

  • copy editing and proofreading
  • technical writing
  • speech writing
  • copy-writing
  • ghost writing.

Arts entrepreneurship

“Ain’t nobody’s business but my own”, sings Ella Fitzgerald. And she could be singing to the artist in you. If your art is not your business, then whose business is it? A course on managing your art as a business may be the last thing on your mind, but it’s what you need to guide you through the business side of your art – without detracting from your creative output.

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