Online Scriptwriting Course

Hollywood nights

If you want an online scriptwriting course to help you write compelling scripts, Hollywood Nights will give you the knowledge and tools to do so. Whether you want to write for stage, screen or radio, this online scriptwriting course has been designed for you.

It makes no difference if you’re a beginner or if you’re already a scriptwriter who wants to polish an existing script. Because this scriptwriting course is run online, you work at your own pace, without comparisons.

Hollywood Nights will teach you the skills to write great scripts and write a pitch that gets attention. You will:

  • Learn the important elements of scriptwriting, such as character, plot and conflict.
  • Be introduced to a narrative arc that includes exposition, rising action, climax, and resolution.
  • Learn how to build an irresistible script around a three-act structure.
  • Be taught how to plan and write a script pitch document.

This is an online programme that runs over a period of eight weeks. Further support in the form of mentoring is available for those who successfully complete the course.

Who should enrol

Anybody interested in scriptwriting, whether for screen, stage or radio. If you’re a writer who wants to explore the world of scriptwriting, or if you want to get involved in the world of film or theatre generally, this is your opportunity. People involved in community theatre projects, or who run workshops to develop plays, whether for educational or commercial purposes, will also find value in this course.

Why scriptwriting

Scriptwriting is special. And requires specialised skills. You will learn how to show emotion in dialogue and actions as opposed to describing feelings. You will learn how to create tension, and surprise the audience with what your characters do next. Mostly, you will learn how to get the audience’s attention, and how to hold it until the final climax.

Course outcomes

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Know the difference between story and plot
  • Know how to create believable Characters
  • Understand Events, and how they affect story and characters
  • Know how to write Dialogue, and the importance of subtext
  • Understand the role of conflict, and how to manage it in the story
  • Know how the story arc relates to the three-act structure
  • Understand the importance of the controlling idea of a story
  • Know the difference between a logline and a tagline
  • Know how to write a treatment and an elevator pitch for your script.


Normal Price: R4 950 Spring special! 30% off! Only R3 465

Course facilitator: Michael Britton

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