All the books and articles featured here have been written, co-authored or edited by Michael Britton.

South Africa has produced many skilled and influential dancers and choreographers over the years. These artists have performed on theatre stages, at festivals, in films, in community halls, on the streets and at political rallies. This book is an acknowledgment of the contribution that dancers and dance made, and continue to make, to the cultural landscape of South Africa. Published 2014.

I was given a half written manuscript, and asked to rewrite it and write the second half of the book. It covers everything from ICT risks and threat management to artificial intelligence, from ethics in the computer industry to analysing information systems. This was the third book on ICT that I wrote. Published by Macmillan South Africa in 2009, the book is still in print and still selling.

This book was published by Macmillan as a reader for young teens and deals with topics such as drugs, pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and bullying. It includes a one-act play written by me. My play examines the repercussions of teenage pregnancy on schooling and employment prospects, and the impact it has on relationships with family and friends.

I was the lead author for this book, providing 60% of the content. Published by Heinemann Publishers in 2008, the book is still in print and still selling. This was second ICT book I wrote and it covers, in the first half, network architecture, computer cabling, and computer network communication. The last section of the book is project oriented and deals with installing and supporting a local area network.

The Other Man is the story of how I managed to come to terms with a broken marriage as a result of a same-sex relationship. Drawing on the expertise of psychologists, sexologists and social workers, the article describes the path followed to redefine myself as an individual, as opposed to one half of a couple. Published in Men’s Health, May 2006.

The Splash Factor is a light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek look at the some of the perils and problems men face when they need to wee. Or, as Men’s Health put it in the caption to the photograph, “Ruminations on the fine art of urination”. Published in Men’s Health, February 2005.

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